Value of the Week – Love

Last week I highlighted courage, as the value to help us to keep our inner worlds safe during the Carona virus pandemic.

This week’s value is the incredibly powerful concept of Love, which I have spelt with a capital L. This is because in English love is understood in so many different ways, masking its true meaning.

I remember an insightful pupil at Ledbury Primary School in Herefordshire saying to me, “Love is the most important value because without it you can’t have any of the others”.

The Ancient Greeks spoke of four main types of love: agape which is selfless love; storge, which is the kind of love we have for our family; eros, which is passionate love and philia, which is the love we have for our friends.

In English we are limited to one word that is used to cover many meanings. For me Love means the unconditional regard we feel and express, which doesn’t have limits or boundaries. Love gives rise to compassionate, unselfish behaviour such as we are seeing during the current crisis.

I was almost overwhelmed last week my an intense feeling of Love from members of my own family, whilst I was telling a Grandpa story to my youngest grandchildren using the medium of WhatsApp.

Thank you for all the Love you are sharing too. It is making a huge difference.