Value of the week: Hope

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. Christopher Reeve

Over the previous two weeks we have thought about the impact values such as courage and love can have on our lives.  This week may I invite you to think about the value of hope, which can be used to guide our thinking and behaviour? 

At this time, you may like me, be thinking about and expressing the value of hope.  Hope is felt when we imagine or search for a future good – a light at the end of the tunnel.  You may express the value by saying, “I hope a cure is found for the Coronavirus.”  Or you may say, “I hope my family remains well and safe”.

As a teacher, I want pupils to understand the importance of hope so I use the story of Pandora’s box.

You may recall that Pandora was a child who had every blessing – she lived in a perfect world. However, in the corner of her house was an old box and she was told never to open the lid.  The more she was told not to open it the more curious she became about what may be inside.  She knew it must be something really important – perhaps a present for her. 

Whilst alone, Pandora thought that there would be no harm in having a quick peek inside the box. She went up to the box and gently opened the lid. Wow! Pandora was so shocked because out of the box came all the pain of the world such as death, disease, cruelty and unkindness. 

Pandora slammed the lid shut. 

Inside remained one lone quality called Hope.  In her heart Pandora knew that hope was what the world would now need.

The story reminds us that we have brought many things into the world that has harmed us and the natural world. We cannot pretend they aren’t there, so we need to face them with courage and integrity, each of us owning our share of responsibility for the predicament in which we now find ourselves.

My hope, and I’m sure it may be yours too, is that our hopes, which may now be different from before the current virus emergency, will manifest into thoughts and actions that will not only end the current pandemic but create a future in which we can all flourish.

My thanks to Sharon Dodgson for this beautiful photo of a sunset over Rutland Water, which I think is a great symbol for life and hope.