Value of the week – Gentleness

“Consistent gentleness is a display of massive inner strength and maturity”. Drishti Bablani

On the 19th March 2014, I had the privilege of being invited to “open” the incredibly creative values sculpture at Eardisley Primary School in Herefordshire.  As you see in the photo the creative sculpture represents two intertwined trees on which can be seen some of the school’s values.  The school is an explicit values-based school and is led by Headteacher Bridget Knight. 

Bridget and me

The school focusses on a value each month which the staff and children experientially explore, understand and focus on in their lives.  The whole school community is actively involved in modelling the school’s values; helping the children to develop a deep understanding of positive human values which can act as their moral compass in life.

This month the children are learning about the value of gentleness. Gentleness consists of kindness, consideration and amiability. It reminds us to be tender and compassionate towards others’ weaknesses and limitations.  The gentle person attracts the trust of others because they embody this value.  In other words, they have a peaceful disposition.   

Each of us carries gentleness at the core of our being but sometimes we do not allow this value to shine as part of our character.  For me, gentleness is one of the finest characteristics that any human being can possess, as it breeds peace, calmness, consistency of character and helps us to be moderate in our actions.