Value of the week: Caring

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have” Margaret Mead

A few years ago I received a message on Facebook from a man who asked whether I was the same Neil Hawkes who was his Headteacher at the Palmer School, in Wokingham, UK?

I replied that I was and Jeremy Hawkins sent a photo of him and his school reports of 1979 and 1980.


You will notice that I commented on his reports. I had talked to him about my belief that he could do even better; he believed me – as his next report shows.  He said he was proud of his 1980 report. He told me, “I know I respected you and some how you magically got my respect. Probably because of your values you put into practice way back then.”

Jeremy’s reports of 1979 and 1980

Jeremy’s curiosity in contacting me made me inquisitive about his destiny – he’s now 51.  How many of us reflect on the impact we have on children and that we are important role models?

Jeremy contacted me because he had seen a video of me talking about the importance of values on the website of his local international school, Merriton British International School,  Sue Jones, one of Values-based Education’s consultants had worked with the staff to to create a values-based school. 

Jeremy shared with me that he had moved to Thailand, married a doctor and that they had a child.   

What I am so delighted about is that Jeremy and his wife have devoted themselves to the health care of local people. Jeremy recently told me that the value that guides him is care.  Jeremy’s vocation “to care” makes me, and I’m sure you, so proud of him; especially at this time of Covid-19, when we have realised the debt of gratitude we owe to health professionals and those who support them.

Thank you Jeremy, your story is a testament to all the positive values you have shown: at school – perseverance and determination and in your adult life a range of positive values, especially care.

Jeremy, you are an inspiration to us all.