Value of the week – Balance

Balance is the key to everything.  What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.”   Koi Fresco

Adrian, a local builder, kindly came to our home to fix a new cowl on our chimney, which had blown off on a very windy day.  Watching him, I was in awe of his ability to balance, as he climbed his ladders onto our roof.  His balancing got me thinking about the value of balance.

The need for balance!

Like me, I am sure that you navigate each day with an awareness of our vulnerability in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has changed all of our lives.  Such existential challenges can overwhelm us, naturally creating feelings of fear and helplessness.  

At such times, we need to have great compassion for the way we think and feel, which are quite normal.  Compassion too for those around us who may behave with the volume of their fears turned up, causing them to appear irritable and less tolerant.

How do we find internal balance, which is the awareness of mental steadiness and emotional stability? The value of balance can be found in so many ways.  You may have some ways that you balance yourself.  My ways of keeping an inner calm and balance involves a number of deliberate activities, which I would like briefly share with you.

I have always been an active person and I find a mixture of exercise, walking, running, cycling, yoga and swimming give me an overall fitness.  If I feel anxious about something I often turn to exercise to calm my system.  I also spend time each day in silent contemplation.  I have experienced this for many years, which has given me the skill of quickly resetting my internal world if it feels disturbed. My last main way to balance is to talk with a friend and share how I am feeling.  A problem shared is a problem halved, is in my experience very true, as is taking responsibility for nourishing ourselves.  I used to have an older friend called Alan, who lived well into his 90’s.  Alan was a great sounding board; I will always be eternally grateful for his loving support and tolerance as I shared the challenges and joys of my life with him.

I hope that this week you too will be able to experience a sense of balance in your life. You will then help those around you to find this life enhancing value too.