How to cope during the Corona virus pandemic

A British Headteacher wrote in an email, ‘At this moment in time I’m going to put it out there that I feel completely overwhelmed and unusually emotional…possibly on the edge.’  Another wrote, ‘I’m feeling very upset.  I know however that there are many in worse situations’.

I know these colleagues well as outstanding heads of values-based schools. They represent the thoughts and feelings of not only educators, but also people in all walks of life who are feeling concerned and disempowered by the current crisis.

Someone asked me if I could give some words of comfort that would sustain all on the front-line? This is what I replied:

Consider what is happening in front of your eyes as an unfolding drama of which you are the objective observer.  Feel love and compassion in your heart, which will help you make decisions based on your authentic self (the one that doesn’t feel panic and despair).  If you can be in this state of consciousness, colleagues will sense your inner strength and feel supported by your energy. Also, in this state of awareness your own energy is less likely to be depleted.

I hope this helps you.

With love.