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I’m sure, like me, you want a brighter future for yourself, others and the planet?

Me visiting a school in Indonesia

As you know, we humans are in danger of extinction through Covid-19, climate change and many other existential threats. We can all point at others as the culprits, but to begin the change process we first have to take responsibility for the quality of our own thoughts and actions.

I believe that, although it will be challenging, it is not too late to change the direction of humanity so that our future and that of our beautiful world can be secured.

How can your future be bright? The transformational key is to think about the choices you make in your daily life and ensure they are positive ones. Your choices come from the values that you have adopted in your life. These values can be selfish (greedy) or selfless (thoughtfulness), even a mixture of the two. I have found that the key to keeping my life on a positive direction, is to regularly think about why I make the choices I do, what values underlie them and the changes I need to make to the way I think and behave.

If you engage in this daily process too, you will give yourself a wonderful life-enhancing capacity, which is to nurture what I have call your ethical intelligence: your ability to self-regulate your behaviour for the good of yourself and others. So many people say they are unhappy, not realising that this stems from the choices they make in life, which are based on the values they live.

Transformation begins with children

Photo I took in The Seychelles

For seven years, whilst Headteacher of an urban community school in Oxfordshire, UK, I researched for my doctorate at Oxford University, the impact of underpinning the school community with positive human values such as respect, honesty and trust. Staff modelled the values and the community supported them. The impact was profound: it significantly improved the quality of education, giving both pupils and staff a powerful ethical compass to navigate their lives,

As a consequence of this success, I founded a charity called the International Values-based Education Trust (IVET), now called the IVET Foundation and its educational dimension Values-based Education (VbE), a movement for educational, corporate and social transformation, which is positively affecting millions of children worldwide.

I also actively support other impactful values-based organisations. See Floyd Woodrow’s Compass for Life https://compassforlife.co.uk/education/#sectors ; Richard Barrett’s Humanity Awareness Initiative (HAI) https://www.humanityawarenessinitiative.org/hai-core-principles/hai-sponsored-education-training-programs and the V20 group that is working to influence, from a values perspective, the G20 world leaders https://values20.org

I hope my TEDx talk will inspire you to see how you can make an impact…

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