My Mission

I am passionate about looking for ways that human beings can raise their level of consciousness so that life and the environment of our beautiful planet can be sustained for future generations. Neurobiology teaches us that we live life in the 21st century as though we were still wandering the savannah in small groups, where instincts and raw emotion kept us safe from danger. Paradoxically, these same protectors have become the reasons why we fail to respond humanely and appropriately as individuals and as a society.

I promote a positive way of helping this transformation of consciousness and that is through the habitual reflection on positive human values; taking time to be aware of the transformational power of our internal world. The outcome is the development of ethical intelligence, which is the ability to ethically self-regulate our thinking and behaviour.

Values-based schools, and increasingly other settings, worldwide are showing that this thinking and practical methods work! We are seeing a new generation emerging who reject self-centredness and crude materialism, but who see the hope of humanity in a new way of being, that accepts difference and respects all unconditionally. Such altruistic behaviour heralds a new era – a shift in consciousness that will help us solve the existential challenges that we currently face.

Jane & I with pupils in Luton,UK

Snells Beach School, New Zealand, March 2020

With Kathryn Ramel, Principal,

Values at the heart of the school