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A Values-based Response to the Referendum

I am wondering if, like me, you have been profoundly disturbed by the referendum - whichever way you voted? I have sensed that the process, result and aftermath have created a disturbance in the national psyche that rarely, if ever, I have felt so acutely before.

I have been waiting to hear someone who is enlightened to speak from an honest open heart, about their vision for the future of our nation. I have longed to hear the voices of those who portray and live with integrity, honesty and humility. I urge the people to step forward whose voices intone deep wisdom and a prudent understanding of the complexity and consequences of the issues that will affect our children and grandchildren's future well-being.

I am hoping that there are an increasing number of people,who like me, want our country to be governed by those who have a deep practical understanding of transformational principles such as altruism, compassion and wisdom. That men and women who seek to govern us should demonstrate such character traits, which give an inspiring example to us all. Is this possible or naive idealism? If possible, as I believe it is, then where do we begin?

It starts from a deep desire to enable the very best of human nature to be nurtured in homes and schools. Science teaches us that at birth we possess an innate set of inner senses that are there to help us survive. We are born with a life force that programs us to cooperate, trust, tolerate and respect each other. As we become engaged in the social world, experiencing the ups and downs of life, we can be taken away from our original qualities. If, for instance, we have been emotionally or physically abused, we learn to distrust and to fear. We then survive by adapting our personality and the behaviours that go with it to a more limiting set of personality traits.

I believe that we can help our children to maintain and develop the original positive qualities of their characters by creating an intentional supportive and nurturing home and school environment. Parents and teachers will deliberately and explicitly explore words such as humility, courage and happiness so that children develop a new, society-building, way of thinking and speaking. It is only when they have developed such a narrative will they be able to set in place the future foundations on which our country can truly prosper.

Such foundations are in the form of two incredible concepts which I have already touched upon - altruism and wisdom. I am under no illusion as to the challenges that are involved in helping our young people to develop these attributes. Our biggest challenge, and I will speak for myself, is that as an adult I have to overcome those limiting aspects of my own character, so that I can really be a positive role model to others. To be the change we want to see in humanity, is the first step on the road to authenticity; thereby to inspire children to live their lives based on their innate qualities.

Can you envision our nation when those whom we entrust with leadership are altruistic and wise? We would be living in a transformed society where limiting aspects of personality, such as selfishness, greed, jealousy and intolerance have been largely relegated to the past.

Our children deserve such a future, so I invite you to begin today by supporting the development of values-based schools and communities. See for ways that will help you to make this dream a reality. Please contact us if we can be of support. Thank you for reading my thoughts - together we can make a huge difference.