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In anticipation of a lecture he was about to prepare, Neil was asked by the organisers what was his mission.

My mission is to inspire individuals, families, schools, businesses and communities to work with the transformational properties of universal, positive human values such as respect, trust and empathy. My purpose therefore is to encourage a shift in human consciousness that improves well being, happiness and empathic awareness for self and others.

To do this I demonstrate the incredible impact that VbE is currently having to improve school culture, raise personal and social aspirations, and positively affect academic results. VbE should be at the heart of 21st century schooling as it develops what I call personal holistic competence (PHC). I believe that it is this overarching competence that schools must develop to equip students with the attitudes and skills required to solve complex personal, social and business challenges. This competence cannot be measured by traditional exams but can be observed in real life situations.

I have observed this competence in head teachers and other leaders. PHC brings a mind set that business so often argues that it wants from young people. I am being invited to share the insights of VbE throughout the world as they can be practically applied and quickly bring improvements.