Neil is proud to call himself a teacher. He is well known as a inspirational speaker, broadcaster, writer and social commentator.  He is a popular TEDx speaker. His passion is to transform schooling so that it is more humane (to both adults and children), meeting the needs of young people and society in the 21st Century. His enthusiasm is based on his practical experience as a Headteacher, adviser and visitor to thousands of schools worldwide.

Neil running a workshop for teachers in Latvia (October 2019)

Neil’s thinking is having a profound influence on schools, many of which explicitly follow his philosophy and practices, whilst others are unaware of his influence in what they do in their schools.  He is an educational leader and thinker who shows how to take the lid off pupils’ potential, by creating a culture in which both children and adults thrive.  Neil’s influence has gained him a reputation for his practical wisdom, which has brought about many profound changes both in people and schools. 

Neil’s first gained recognition when he was a Headteacher in Oxfordshire where he worked with a school community to devise and implement a transformational pedagogical system that would enhance the school’s culture; giving children a transformational vocabulary, based on values such as respect, tolerance, humility and justice. The school community found that the children were empowered to be self-leaders, with an active moral compass that affected behaviour, their critical thinking and the quality of their schoolwork. It also had a profound affect on the adults as they modelled the school’s values. Today Neil’s philosophy is known as Values-based Education (VbE), which has been recognised internationally as the foundation of outstanding school practice. 

Neil founded Values-based Education (VbE), a powerful and influential worldwide movement for educational and social change – see

He welcomes speaking engagements and this academic year will be visiting China, Latvia, Romania, Thailand, Chile and Australia.

His bestselling book, From My Heart, transforming lives through values, celebrates the success of VbE worldwide and is a great “how to” book. Neil’s latest book co-authored with Jane Hawkes, is called The Inner Curriculum, how to nurture wellbeing, resilience and self-leadership. This book is heralding a new era in education, as it proposes a new more liberating way of educating children’s inner worlds.

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