What is Values-based Education?

Values-based Education (VbE) is a process (education) that enables children to develop their personal capacity to be “self-leaders”, thereby developing their social capacity to affect society positively.

To achieve this schools need to encourage activities that nurture children’s positive innate capacities.

Key features:

  1. a community inspired set of universal positive human values such as respect, honesty, justice, humility and compassion
  2. whole staff cultural development
  3. focus on the development of ethical intelligence, through an expanded ethical values vocabulary, promoting a new transformational universal language based on values
  4. insights into relational neurobiology and the development of reflective practices
  5. knowledge of the ‘inner curriculum’ i.e. how my brain/mind works and how I (the Self) can be responsible for its development
  6. transformational leadership
  7. modelling of the values by all adults
Madley School, receiving VbE’s Quality Mark as an outstanding Values-based School