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Hi, I’m Neil Hawkes and I hope that by visiting my personal website it will inspire you to see that we can transform ourselves and society so that humanity has a sustainable future.

I am passionate about Values-based Living. Sometimes I am referred to as ‘the values man’ because I have devoted my life to promoting the living of positive human values such as respect, justice and compassion.

I founded a charity called the International Values-based Education Trust (IVET) and its educational dimension Values-based Education (VbE), a movement for educational, corporate and social transformation.

To gain an insight into my thinking I suggest you have a look at my TEDx talk.

Presenting my TedX talk

I pioneered in the UK a successful transformational vision of how an organisation can be successful, humane and sustainable.

Workshop in Australia 2020.
“What qualities do I see in you?”

My work is demonstrating to schools, families businesses worldwide the rich benefits of Values-based Living. The result is the growth of what I describe as ethical intelligence, which creates a new powerful narrative so that society can flourish.

Our world desperately needs ethical leadership, which embraces integrity and honesty,

I recently visited Latvia and Romania which gave me the opportunity to work with young people who are passionate to see positive changes in their countries and the world.

With Asnate in Latvia
With Andrei in Romania

If my vision aligns with yours then please contact me: Neil.Hawkes@valuesbasededucation.com