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“Living our lives based on positive human values helps our world to flourish.”
Dr. Neil Hawkes

People who are altruistic live their lives based on positive values. I have a message of hope for our future, which I hope you will spend a moment reading.

Support for you

Each of us is currently facing an existential crisis from the threat of Covid-19. Also there are other challenges facing humanity, such as racial injustice, as witnessed in the USA.

The key to addressing these problems ultimately rests in each of us reflecting on how we behave and why? This personal reflective process develops our capacity to nurture our ethical intelligence, which is our ability to self-regulate our behaviour.

To support you in this process, I am highlighting a positive value each week, which you can think about and practise living. You can find this week’s value below and others in the blogs section of this website.

Transforming the way learners are educated

For seven years as Headteacher of a school in Oxfordshire, UK, I researched the impact of underpinning a school community with positive human values. Staff modelled the values and the community supported them. The impact was profound: it significantly improved the quality of education, giving both pupils and staff a powerful ethical compass for their lives,

As a consequence, I founded the charity called the International Values-based Education Trust (IVET), now called the IVET Foundation and its educational dimension Values-based Education (VbE), a movement for educational, corporate and social transformation.

To gain an insight into my thinking I suggest you have a look at my TEDx talk.

Presenting my TedX talk

Our world desperately needs ethical leadership, which embraces integrity and honesty,

I recently visited Latvia and Romania which gave me the opportunity to work with young people who are passionate to see positive changes in their countries and the world.

With Asnate in Latvia
With Andrei in Romania

You can contact me at: Neil.Hawkes@gmail.com

If you live in China at: Neil.Hawkes@btinternet.com